StudioLogic (Fatar) SL880 88 Note Controller Demo

StudioLogic (Fatar) SL880 88 Note Controller Demo


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  • Manufactured by: StudioLogic
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  The SL 880 has a  realistic piano feel, midi compatibility and 88 notes. 
It has 88 full size and fully weighted keys and by fully weighted. Fatar has simulated the hammer action feel of a piano by actually incorporating hammers into the working mechanism of the keyboard. This means that the SL880 has a beautifully chunky feel to it, whilst still giving you plenty of 'bounce' for quick passage playing.
The keyboard itself can be divided into 4 zones, with each zone assigned to a different voice. Using this function, you can layer different sounds on top of each other to create gloriously rich sounding patches. Each zone can be individually chosen by you, in regards to range, velocity, shape, voicing, aftertouch.

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