Secrets of the Pros Pro Recording and Mixing Level 1

Secrets of the Pros Pro Recording and Mixing Level 1


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Secrets of the Pros Pro Recording and Mixing Level 1

Mixing Like a Pro

One of the key features of this series is a 3.5 hour, in-depth look at mixing techniques most commonly used by pros. Their Lead Trainer is a top-level mixer and will take you through dozens of techniques that will definitely improve your mixes.

They also have the audio tracks from the session available to you so you can download them and follow along with your system.

Their Lead Trainer was also the Technical Director & Lead Engineer at a famous multi-room studio where he helped a long list of the best Producers and Engineers with any technical issues they would have. It was the best possible learning experience and he will show you the key secrets he learned.

Expert Vocal Recording Overview

They’ll show you how to record vocals like a pro, and help you with mic choices. There are high quality, inexpensive mics out there!
(hint: it’s less about the mic pre and more about the room.)

They cover exactly how this works in a “big” studio and how to get the same results at home. Great vocal tones will be easy after you watch our recording and mixing clips on this topic.

The Ultimate Drum Tone Experience

Whatever kind of music you are producing, if you have drums the tones must be awesome. This is the best drum recording and mixing education you will find. They started by putting roughly 40 mics on the drum kit of one of the top drummers in the field, and then they also show you how to get great results with as few as 3 mics.

Even if you use samples and produce Electronic Music knowing how acoustic drum recording and mixing works is critical and will help you get pro results.

This series gives you an experience most expert engineers have never had! Then they go into detail about how to mix and blend drums for all different styles of music.

Expert Guide to Recording Acoustic Guitar

Your expert level education will include putting over a dozen mics on acoustic guitars so you can see and hear which you like best.

This is the best possible education you can get on this topic, and will give you a huge jump start in finding the best acoustic guitar tone for your music. Watch the short clip and you’ll see we went all out on showing you all the popular ways of recording a great sounding acoustic guitar.

Recording Electric Guitars – Master Level

They will also take you through many of the most popular ways to mic guitar cabinets. You can see and hear exactly how pros work and speed through decades of trial and error.

This studio was the place where guitar legends like Santana, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Prince, and many others laid tracks for their hit records.

Dozens of Pro Tips and Tricks

This series is also full of various tip, tricks, and commonly used techniques the pros use to make fantastic sounding music.

They’ll show you common EQ tricks and even some esoteric ones they’ve found to help you get great tones. There are very common reverb and delay settings they’ll show you, as well as some cutting edge tricks that advanced plug-in technology allows.

Videos Included with this level:

          1. Over 3.5 hours of detailed mixing training
          2. An in-depth looks at recording & mixing drums
          3. Expert level electric guitar recording overview
          4. The best education on acoustic guitar recording
          5. More vocal recording tips you must know
          6. We compare expensive mics, with far less expensive – must see!
          7. Top mixing techniques by the best of the best
          8. Hi resolution audio tracks you can download and review
          9. More assorted tips & tricks to help you make better music
Compatible with all analogue and software systems, and all types of DAW software. Also applies to all styles of music.

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