Audient NERO Studio Monitor Controller

Audient NERO Studio Monitor Controller


  • Manufactured by: Audient

Audient NERO Studio Monitor Controller

  • 3 Switchable Analog Inputs
  • 3 Sets of Switchable Speaker Outputs
  • Assignable Subwoofer Output
  • Talkback, Solo, Dim, Mute, Mono Controls

The Audient Nero is a professional-grade, tabletop monitor stereo monitor controller. The unit allows you to monitor three sets of speakers, giving you the ability to set and match levels for all the speakers, which is quite handy for comparisons.

With three independent inputs, you can choose between sources as well. There are a few uses for this; for instance, you can route different inputs to the cue mixes, so the artists can hear things as they'd like while you record.

You can assign the subwoofer to any monitor path. You'll also note the presence of one monitor-grade headphone amp and three headphone outputs suitable for cue mixes, covering you and your artists.

Audition your mixes quickly by switching among your monitors, all while maintaining separate control of the subwoofer. You can define the dim position yourself, so that the mix automatically attenuates, at the press of a button, to the desired level you wish.

However you choose to route your setup, you can save your workflow so that you can call up your default configuration however you want. Also, Smart Touchpoints enable you to configure different routing schemes on the fly, enabling quick comparisons exactly how you'd have them.

Monitor stereo information with Sum and Difference mode and permanently assign a speaker output to mono, if you're working with a mono reference speaker. With cue-mix monitoring, you can reference what your artists are hearing, and then go back to your mix.

Controls are on hand for talkback mics. A talkback mic is even built into the Nero, but you can also use dynamic or condenser microphones if you prefer. With Audient's Precision-Matched Attenuation Technology, you can be sure there will be no drift between the left and right channels.


  • 4 x stereo analog sources
  • 2 x line-level inputs 
  • 1 x dedicated cue mix input
  • 1 x aux input on RCA or mini jack
  • Optical and coaxial S/PDIF inputs
  • 3 x stereo speaker outputs
  • 1 x assignable sub output
  • 4 x headphone outputs with flexible routing
  • Smart touchpoints for user customization
  • Talkback input
  • Internal microphone
  • External talkback input
  • Dim, cut, mono, and polarity monitor controls


Gain Trim Range Auxiliary Input: ±12 dB
Nominal Input Level Balanced: +4 dBu
Unbalanced: -10 dBV
Maximum Input Level Balanced: +18 dBu
Unbalanced: +27 dBu
Talkback: +2 dBu
CMRR Balanced: > 50 dB
Balanced Mic: > 80 dB at 1 kHz
Microphone EIN -128 dBu
Gain Talkback Input: 4 to 44 dB
Phantom Power Talkback Input: 48 V
Digital Inputs
Connections TOSLINK and Coaxial
Format S/PDIF
Sample Rates 44.1 to 192 kHz
Bit Depth Up to 24-Bit
Maximum Output Level Speakers: +12 dBu
Minimum Load Headphone Outputs: 12.8 Ohms
THD+N Speakers: 0.0015% 0 dBu 1 Kilohms
Headphones: 0.009% at 30 Ohms, 0.009% at 60 Ohms, 0.008% at 600 Ohms
SNR 100 dBu
Crosstalk Speakers: > 100 dB
Headphone Outputs: > 62 dB
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 22 kHz ±5 dB
Attenuation > 110 dB
Peak Power Output 90 mW at 30 Ohms
56 mW at 60 Ohms
7.35 mW at 600 Ohms
Power Supply 12 VDC Center Positive DC Adapter, 2 A
Dimensions (W x L x D) 10 x 3 x 6.1" / 255 x 75 x 155 mm
Weight 4.4 lb / 2 kg

UPC 840126900880

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