Ibis RhythmAce Self-Paced Interactive Rhythm Training DOS

Ibis RhythmAce Self-Paced Interactive Rhythm Training DOS

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This New Factory Sealed Discontinuied item was found in our warehouse and we want to find it a new home, Yours! While it's a DOS programs it's one that is easy to use and very good at training you to play and heard rhythms.

"Rhythm Ace" sharpens your ability to keep the beat using your computer keyboard, MIDI keyboard or even your mouse! A visual feedback system gives instant feedback on how you're doing. You can customize many features. Access hundreds of rhythms from a classical and jazz library and select from three exercise types (reading, dictation and custom) for one or both hands. Get with the beat with Rhythm Ace!

System Requirements

  • 640k
  • DOS 2.0 or higher
  • 3.5 floppy drive
  • EGA, VGA or Hercules/monochrome monitor
  • Computer speakers (No extra hardware required but a Compatible MIDI or sound card is recommended)
  • Not copyprotected


  • MPU 401 Compatible card
  • Adlib or Soundblaster card
  • MIDI compatible instruments
  • Printer
  • IBM, Logitech or Microsoft compatiable mouse (recommended)

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