Fable Sounds Broadway Big Band 2.0 Mac PC Jazz Instrument

Fable Sounds Broadway Big Band 2.0 Mac PC Jazz Instrument


  • Manufactured by: Fable Sounds

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Delivering supreme content and groundbreaking technological innovation Fable Sounds is proud to bring you Broadway Big Band - Kontakt Edition, a whopping 100 Gigabyte Virtual Instrument. Broadway Big Band - Kontakt Edition puts the most detailed, realistic, versatile, and playable, character filled wind & rhythm section instruments at your fingertips. Broadway Big Band is an indispensable tool for creating Jazz, Funk, Pop, Blues, R&B, Latin, Hip-Hop, and much more…

This instruemtn enables composers, producers and arrangers to achieve real sounding Brass & Woodwind sound in a non-orchestral setting.  These are not tweaked classical horns! The Broadway Big Band™ combines technological innovation and exceptional musicians in creating the most detailed, flexible and intuitive non-orchestral multi-sample library, and it's doing so in the form of a revolutionary virtual instrument.

New features in version 2.0

Broadway GIG Realtime Orchestrator GUI

Real-Time Orchestrator (RTO)

A groundbreaking feature enabling polyphonic, poly-rhythmic legato across a mixed section of instruments. Using RTO you can play an entire section on the keyboard, and the notes you play are orchestrated in real time and distributed to the various instruments in the RTO multi, based on orchestration schemes that you can create yourself. This is an extremely powerful system which is extremely easy to use. Great for live shows, as well as tracking under tight deadlines. It also offers articulation presets which can replace the built-in key-switching with alternative midi triggers such as foot-switches, freeing your left hand for playing notes rather than key-switches.

Unison Section

From now on, you can use any of the Broadway Big Band wind instruments multiple times in the arrangement or in a multi, even when playing unison, creating a realistic section of multiple instruments. This means that even with multiple instances of just one instrument, you can still get a realistic section of multiple instruments playing in unison. The feature is not some kind of a doubling effect, but rather it uses different samples, and performs slight adjustments to make sure each instance of the instrument sounds a little different from the other. The results are very realistic. The feature also includes “Humanize? and “Detune? knobs for further control over the section sound.

Notation Software Support

With version 2.0, “Notation mode? has been added to all of the Broadway Big Band instruments, to enable notation programs to communicate with Broadway Big Band and use it for playback of scores, including all included articulations and dynamics. The new Notation mode also enables integration with Cubase Expression maps. This was not previously possible due to the unique articulation switching system in Broadway Big Band. The new Notation Mode uses an alternative system of key-switching that is more in line with the way notation programs operate. (full documentation in the user manual).

Velocity curve control

Due to the extended dynamic range of the wind instruments included in Broadway Big Band, it is sometimes difficult to keep dynamics under control when using a MIDI keyboards velocity. To help overcome this, weve added a new knob to control the velocity curve, which helps adjusting the responsiveness of the Broadway Big Band instruments to various MIDI keyboards. The new velocity curve control feature can also be MIDI automated to make changes within a song as needed.

A new articulation added to Tenor Saxophone 1

FP+Vibrato, Added both as a temporary articulation and in combination with the existing “Strong Vibrato? articulation, as a new “Deep Vibrato? playing mode.

Various improvements in programming and UI

Improved consistency of levels and envelope programming and a new and improved user interface.

Key Features

  • 100 GB of multi-sample audio content at 24 bit / 44.1 KHz
  • Over 140,000 unique samples
  • Multiple microphone setups to combine or choose from for each instrument, providing several recording styles and techniques to accommodate a wide variety of music productions and genres.
  • Real note-transition samples, including legato, glissando, etc.
  • Real-time access to all of the articulations of each instrument, using the revolutionary real-time articulation-switching system, which is a part of the patented “Broadway Performer? technology.
  • Dynamic articulation switching enables switching articulations for ongoing notes while theyre still playing, offering the hyper-realistic fluidity of a live performer.
  • Clever key-switch programming enables super-fast, easy and intuitive articulation switching in real-time.
  • MIDI data morphing for mod-wheel driven crescendos and diminuendos enables the unique hybrid mode, using keyboard velocity and modulation wheel at the same time.
  • Velocity curve control, and Velocity Shift slider, to help to manage with the wide dynamic range of the instruments when using a MIDI keyboard.
  • Strumming engine for the Banjo and Ukulele makes it easy to strum on your keyboard.
  • Unison Section – enables stacking multiple instances of the same instrument, creating a realistic section even when playing in unison.
  • Real-Time Orchestrator – a revolutionary powerful feature which enables a keyboard player to play an entire mixed section of instruments with polyphonic polyrhythmic legato, distributing the voices to the selected instruments, as defined in a user editable orchestration scheme. Multiple orchestration schemes are possible within a single RTO multi, switchable in real-time via mouse click or user defined midi triggers.
  • Includes a set of powerful instruments multis for easy section playing (both regular stacked multis and RTO multis).
  • Revolutionary and patented alternate samples handling (round-robin), including an individual cycle for each note in each dynamic level of each articulation, resulting in up to hundreds of individual cycles per instrument, providing the most authentic performance ever offered by a multi-sample library or a virtual instrument.
  • Create and recall snapshots of alternate cycles to lock performance and gain ultimate control.
  • Dump & Reload articulations of instruments right from the interface, to optimize memory usage.
  • Top New York musicians and recording studios.
  • Color coded keyboard view presents the playable range and the various types of virtual key switches available for each instrument

Instruments & Articulations

*The following are the lists of instruments and articulations included in the first edition of the Broadway Big Band™ series. Additional instruments and articulations will be available on future editions.

The Broadway Big Band™ instruments are divided into 2 groups:
Polyphonic instruments & Legato instruments
(using the Broadway Performer™)

(including real prerecorded note-transitions using the Broadway Performer™)


- Solo (Bb) Trumpet


- Solo Tenor Trombone


- Soprano Saxophone

- Alto Saxophone

- Tenor Saxophone

- Baritone Saxophone

- Clarinet


- HH prerecorded legatos for perfect realism in transitions between the 5 levels of openness.




- Solo (Bb) Trumpet 1

- Solo (Bb) Trumpet 2


- Solo Tenor Trombone


- Soprano Saxophone

- Alto Saxophone 1

- Alto Saxophone 2

- Tenor Saxophone 1

- Tenor Saxophone 2

- Baritone Saxophone

- Clarinet


- Upright Bass

- Banjo

- Ukulele

- Drum-kits

- Xylophone

- Latin Percussion


ARTICULATIONS for Wind Instruments (Partial list) :
*Most of the Articulations of the Broadway Big Band instruments include multiple alternate samples for improved realism.

- Sustains (Various Dynamics) : >With Normal Vibrato > No Vibrato > Deep Vibrato > Progressive Vibrato

- Sforzando (Various Dynamics)

- Staccato (Various Dynamics)

- Staccatissimo (Various Dynamics)

- Falls (Up & Down) + Various speeds

- Flutter Tonguing

- Growling

- Rip into note

- Smear / Glide into note

- Plunger (Wah-Wah effects) : Various patterns + Static positions

- Shakes

- Triplets

- Grace Notes

- Alternate Fingering

- Mutes (Trumpet & Trombone)* : > Straight Mute > Harmon Mute > Cup Mute > Bucket


NOTE TRANSITIONS (Partial list) :

- Legato

- Glissando

- Rip Portamento

- Chromatic Runs

- Smear Legato

- All the above note transitions recorded both into sustained notes and into short notes, most in various dynamic layers.

- All wind instruments were recorded in at least 4 microphone positions, to provide various sound choices.

* Not all articulations available for all instruments.


ARTICULATIONS for Upright Bass:

Pizzicato Articulations:

- Sustains no vibrato

- Sustain with vibrato

- Short notes - half muted

- Muted

- Slap

- Glissandos (various intervals)

- Bend into note (both up and down)



- Staccato (Down stoke) - Various dynamics

- Staccato (Up stoke) - Various dynamics

- Sustain (Down stroke) - Various dynamics

- Sustain (Up stroke) - Various dynamics

- Muted (Down stoke) - Various dynamics

- Muted (Up stoke) - Various dynamics

- Half Muted (Down stoke)

- String muting release samples

- Grace notes



- Sustain (Down stroke) - Various dynamics

- Sustain (Up stroke) - Various dynamics

- Muted (Down stoke) - Various dynamics

- Muted (Up stoke) - Various dynamics



- Kick drum
(normal + Gain up)

- Snare drum
(Center, off-center, rim-shot, rim, buzz-roll-components, double-hit, stick-click, roll-to-hit, cross-stick, various brush swishes)

- Tom x2
(Center, rim-shot, rim, muted)

- Floor drum
(center, rim, muted)

- HH
(Edge, tip, open, half-open, loose, closed, tightly-closed, splash, stomp, legato-stomp-from-open, legato-stomp-with-hit-from-open.)

- Cymbals X5
(16"Crash, 19"Crash, 20"K-Ride, Crash-Ride, Splash. Tip, Edge, Bell, Harmonics, Scrapes)


Up to 16 dynamic levels for each (sometimes more)

Right & Left hand versions + Alternate samples

Sticks / Brushes

Various areas of the drums and cymbals (center, off-center, rim-shot, rim, cross, edge, tip, bell...)


& more...


ARTICULATIONS for Xylophone :

Plastic Mallets - single stokes + Alternates in 4 dynamic layers (PP, MP, MF, FF)

Plastic Mallets - single stokes - Muted + Alternates in 4 dynamic layers (PP, MP, MF, FF)

Plastic Mallets - Scrapes

Plastic Mallets - Glissando effects

Soft Rubber Mallets - single stokes + Alternates in 4 dynamic layers (PP, MP, MF, FF)

Soft Rubber Mallets - single stokes - Muted + Alternates in 4 dynamic layers (PP, MP, MF, FF)

Soft Rubber Mallets - Scrapes

Soft Rubber Mallets - Glissando effects


ARTICULATIONS for Hand Percussions :

- Congas

- Bongos

- Timbalitos

- Cowbells

- Agogo

- Woodblocks

- Claves

- Castanets

- Ratchet

- and more...

Drums were recorded in drumset position, using 25 microphones onto hi-definition multi-track-channels at 192KHz and were down-converted to 44.1KHz and mixed-down to stereo to improve usability.

Xylophone was recorded using 3 stereophonic microphone setups (Top, Buttom & Room).

Hand Percussions were recorded separately using 3 stereophonic microphone setups (Close, Loose & Room).

System Compatibility

The "Broadway Big Band™ - Kontakt Edition" virtual instrument is powered by the powerful Kontakt™4 Player by Native Instruments, offering the most advanced sample-playing engine available today.

As such, the Broadway Big Band - Kontakt Edition virtual instruments enjoy great reliability, high-performance, and can work with any DAW you might have.
It supports:

- Stand alone

- VST ®

- Audui Units™

- RTAS ® (Pro Tools® 8 or higher)


- Core Audio™

- DirectSound®


Kontakt™4 works on both PC & MAC.
On the Mac, it requires Leopard (OS X 10.5) or newer.

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