EastWest The Darkside Mac PC Instrument eLicense

EastWest The Darkside Mac PC Instrument eLicense


  • Manufactured by: East West

This product is delivered by download. We have an excellent relationship with EastWest and should receive the license code to complete your order within 24 hours. However, if you're ordering after 6:00PM PT weekdays or on weekends, we'll process your order the next business day. Once the license is emailed there are no refunds or returns due to copyright laws.


East West The Darkside Mac PC Instrument eLicense

Created and produced by Doug Rogers (EastWest) and David Fridmann (MGMT, The Flaming Lips etc.), THE DARK SIDE is the first of its kind: an unconventional, 40 Gigabyte, hip and exciting collection of virtual instruments, some dark and eerie, and some which have been purposely—and skillfully!—mangled, distorted, or effected out of all recognition.

THE DARK SIDE provides inspiration for all composers and artists looking for something unique and different, and of course, if you work in film, TV, and game music production, this will give you an edge to separate you from your competitors.

THE DARK SIDE includes a vast, 40 Gigabyte collection, including dark and eerie instruments, and highly processed drums and percussion, basses, guitars, ethnic, keyboard, strings, and effected instruments, all organized into instrumental groups so you can create complete tracks.


  • Produced by award-winning producers Doug Rogers and David Fridmann (MGMT, Flaming Lips)
  • 40GB of highly processed drums and percussion, basses, guitars, ethnic, keyboard, strings, and FX instruments and sounds, all organized into instrumental groups
  • Many instruments have been purposely and skillfully mangled, distorted, or "effected" out of all recognition (plus a selection of dark and eerie instruments)
  • Easy-to-use browser displays all of your instruments
  • Interface automatically changes to display current instrument
  • Includes PLAY 2 32-bit and 64-bit* sample player, plug-in and standalone (*64-bit is Windows only at this time)
  • Easy authorization system puts licenses on hardware iLok (not included), allowing you to use the software on any computer


  • Drums
    • Arena Kit
    • Bone Crunch
    • Broken Circuit
    • Chameleon Big Room (Regular & Distorted)
    • Chameleon Dry (Regular & Distorted 1 & Distorted 2)
    • Chameleon Morpher
    • Chameleon Open Mic (Regular & Distorted)
    • Chameleon Roomy (Regular & Distorted)
    • Dark Dirt
    • Demolition
    • Dungeon
    • Slamming
    • Slap Kit (24 inch & 50 inch & 106 inch)
    • Underground
    • Verb Kit Dry
    • Verb Kit Morpher
    • Verb Kit (Verb 1 – 5)
    • Chameleon Keyswitch C0–G#0 24
    • Slap Kit Keyswitch C0-D0 25
    • Verb Kit Keyswitch C0–F0 25
  • Basses
    • Bass Hemorrhage Sus
    • Bass Snatchers Legato
    • Bass Snatchers Slide (Up & Down)
    • Bass Snatchers Sus
    • Destroyer Bass
    • Distorted Attack Bass
    • Fuzz Bass
    • Mean Synth Bass
    • Nuclear Bass
    • Perc Bass
    • Radioactive
    • Rattly Bass
    • Relatively Clean Bass FX
    • Relatively Clean Bass Harmonics
    • Relatively Clean Bass Legato
    • Relatively Clean Bass Slide (Up & Down)
    • Relatively Clean Bass Sus
    • Slightly Dirty Bass
    • Slightly Dirty Bass Light
    • Keyswitch and Mod Wheel Cross-Fades
    • Fuzz_Rattly Bass MOD
    • Hemorrhage_Fuzz Bass MOD
    • Rattly_Perc Bass MOD
    • Bass Snatchers Keyswitch C0–D#0 25
    • Relatively Clean Bass Keyswitch C0–F0 25
    • The Dark Side Basses Keyswitch C0–A0 26
  • Guitars
    • Backwards Distorted Guitar Dry
    • Backwards Distorted Guitar wEFX
    • Dirt Boy Guitar
    • Distorted Lead (Regular & Short)
    • Freak Shimmer Combo
    • Freak Shimmer Dry
    • Freak Shimmer EFX
    • Ghost Guitar
    • Guitar Orchestra
    • Guitars on Mars Down
    • Guitars on Mars Up
    • Guitars on Mars RR
    • Insanity
    • Organic Guitar
    • Organic Guitar wGlissando
    • Relatively Clean Strings
    • Tunnel Lead
    • Tunnel Lead Clean End
    • Keyswitch and Mod Wheel Cross-Fades
    • Freak Shimmer Keyswitch C0–D0 26
    • The Dark Side Guitar Keyswitch C0–B0 26
  • Keys and Strings
    • Amadeus Organ
    • Bent Funeral Organ
    • Brain Damage
    • Broken Jaw Harp
    • Chaos
    • Chorus Strings
    • ClockworkO
    • ClockworkO PercAttack
    • Demonic
    • Dist Org String Thing
    • Distorgan
    • Freak Show
    • Fuzzy Keys
    • Grand Dist Strings
    • LFO Strings
    • Morse Code
    • Psycho
    • Psycho Shimmer Keys
    • Underwater Piano Short
    • Underwater Piano Sustain
    • Keyswitch and Mod Wheel Cross-Fades
    • Amadeus Organ_Brain Damage MOD
    • Amadeus Organ_Broken Jaw Harp MOD
    • Bent Funeral Organ_Brain Damage MOD
    • Bent Funeral Organ_Freak Show MO
    • Broken Jaw Harp_Chaos MOD
    • ClockworkO PercAttack_Bent Funeral MOD
    • ClockworkO PercAttack_Chaos MOD
    • The Dark Side Keys Keyswitch C-1 – D#0 27
    • The Dark Side Strings Keyswitch C0–D#0 27
  • Ethnic and Choirs
    • 2-Bit Choir (Regular & Wide)
    • Eleanor Keys
    • Electric Medieval
    • Ethnic Dulcimer
    • Furry Ethnic Orch
    • Granular (Regular & Wide)
    • Leslie Choir (Regular & Wide)
    • Mandamadness
    • Old Bombay
    • Snake Charmer
    • Toxic Choir 1 (Regular & Wide)
    • Toxic Choir 2 (Regular & Wide)
    • UFO Choir (Regular & Wide)
    • Whirly Keys
    • Zitherland
    • Keyswitch and Mod Wheel Cross-Fades
    • Eleanor Keys_Electric Medieval MOD
    • Eleanor Keys_Old Bombay MOD
    • Eleanor Keys_Zitherland MOD
    • Furry Orch Guitar_Electric Medieval MOD
    • Granular_Leslie Choir MOD (Regular & Wide)
    • Granular_Toxic Choir 1 MOD (Regular & Wide)
    • Granular_Toxic Choir 2 MOD (Regular & Wide)
    • Granular_UFO Choir MOD (Regular & Wide)
    • Leslie_Toxic Choir 1 MOD (Regular & Wide)
    • Leslie_Toxic Choir 2 MOD (Regular & Wide)
    • Leslie_UFO Choir MOD (Regular & Wide)
    • Mandamadness_Ethnic Dulcimer MOD
    • Whirly Keys_Furry Ethnic Orchestra MOD
    • The Dark Side Choirs Keyswitch C-1 – F-1 (Regular & Wide) 28
    • The Dark Side Ethnic Keyswitch C0–A0 28
  • Instruments wFX
    • Basses wFX
    • Bass Hemorrhage wFX
    • Destroyer Bass wFX
    • Fuzz Bass wFX
    • Slightly Dirty Bass wFX
    • Drums wFX
    • Bone Crunch wFX
    • Broken Circuit wFX
    • Dark Dirt wFX
    • Slap Kit 24 inch wFX
    • Ethnic and Choirs wFX
    • 2-Bit Choir wFX
    • Electric Medieval wFX
    • Ethnic Guitar wFX
    • Leslie Choir wFX
    • Snake Charmer wFX
    • UFO Choir wFX
    • Zitherland wFX
    • Guitars wFX
    • Distorted Lead wFX
    • Guitars on Mars wFX
    • Insanity wFX
    • Tunnel Lead wFX
    • Keys and Strings wFX
    • Bent Funeral Organ wFX
    • Brain Damage wFX
    • Broken Jaw Harp wFX
    • Chorus Strings wFX
    • Dist Org String Thing wFX
    • Freak Show wFX
    • Perc Tonal wFX
    • Super Tabla wFX
  • Misc and Perc
    • Backwardspell
    • Big Broken Ben
    • Big Broken Ben Extreme
    • Bumblebee 01 Non-Tonal
    • Bumblebee 02 Non-Tonal
    • Earthquake
    • Ethereal
    • FX Madness 01–13
    • Horror 01 Non-Tonal
    • Horror 02 Non-Tonal
    • OC Notes (“OC” refers to the Omnichord)
    • OC Notes Kaoss
    • Perc Bells
    • Perc Sci-Fi
    • Static
    • SuperTabla
    • Timp Explosion
    • Keyswitch and Mod Wheel Cross-Fades
    • OC Chords Arp Keyswitch C0–E0 29
    • OC Chords Kaoss Keyswitch C0–E0 29
    • OC Chords Arp Kaoss Keyswitch C0–A0 29
    • The Dark Side Misc FX Keyswitch C1–B1 29
    • The Dark Side Perc Tonal Keyswitch C0–F0


All Systems

  • iLok account required for machine (electronic) license placed on your computer or use optional iLok Key; internet connection required for one-time product activation

Included for both PC and Mac:

  • 64-bit standalone and plug-in versions included (for 32-bit compatibility please use PLAY 4.3.5).
  • Check EastWest compatibility chart for lastest supported hosts.

40 GB free hard drive space (for full load), 7200 rpm or faster (non-energy saving) hard drive for sample streaming (SSD recommended) iLok Account (required for machine-based license), iLok Key (optional), The Darkside is an electronic download.

  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.1GHz or higher (PPC not supported)
  • 8GB RAM
  • Mac OSX 10.7 or later
  • 7200 RPM or faster (non energy saving) hard drive for sample streaming
  • Intel Core 2 Duo, or AMD Dual Core 2.1GHz or higher
  • 8GB RAM
  • Windows 7 or later
  • Sound card with ASIO drivers
  • 7200 RPM or faster (non energy saving) hard drive for sample streaming
  • Mac Pro Late 2013 edition (current model with round enclosure) or above
  • 16GB RAM or more
  • Mac OSX 10.7 or later
  • SSD (Solid State Drive) for sample streaming
  • Intel Core 2 Quad, or AMD Quad Core 2.66GHz or higher
  • 16GB RAM or more
  • Windows 7 or later (64-bit Windows/Host Sequencer)
  • Sound card with ASIO drivers
  • SSD (Solid State Drive) for sample streaming

EASTWEST PLAY Host/Sequencer Compatibility Matrix

Tested DAW Mac OS 10.9 - 10.12.3 WIN XP
WIN 10, 8, 7,
Vista (32-bit)
WIN 10, 8, 7,
Vista (64-bit)
Required Version
Standalone YES YES YES YES YES  
Ableton Live YES YES   YES YES1 6.07 or higher
Cubase/Nuendo YES2 YES YES3 YES YES3 6 or higher
FL Studio   YES YES YES YES 7 or higher
GarageBand YES         3 or higher
Logic YES4         7.2 or higher
Digital Performer YES4     YES YES 6.02 or higher
Pro Tools5 YES YES   YES   7.4 to 10
Pro Tools 11 or higher5 YES   YES   YES6 11 or higher
Sibelius YES7 YES   YES   6 or higher8
Sonar   YES YES YES YES 6.2 or higher
VE Pro YES YES YES YES YES 4.0.54 or higher
Studio One YES YES YES YES YES 2 or higher
Reaper YES YES YES YES YES 3 or higher
1: Play 5 (and above) is compatible with all 64-bit hosts that use VST, AU, or AAX plugins. Use Play 4 for 32-bit hosts.
2: Mac OS 10.7 or newer is required.
3: Cubase/Nuendo 4.1 or later are required as 64-bit hosts.
4: WordBuilder is not supported in Logic 7 or lower, and DAE (RTAS in Digital Performer and Logic) is not supported at this time.
5: Ethernet control surfaces are not officially supported (ex: C24).
6: Windows 7 or 8 Home Premium Supported. Pro Tools HD 11 does not support Windows 8.
7: Sibelius 6.0.3 or higher is required to run in Mac OS 7.
8: Sibelius 6.2 is required to run in Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks).

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