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BFD Kabuki & Noh Percussion

Sonica and FXpansion are proud to present Kabuki & Noh Percussion: a fascinating collection of authentically played Japanese percussion instruments and noisemakers.


  • Kabuki & Noh expansion pack for BFD3, 2, BFD Eco and BFD Eco DV
  • 56 authentic Japanese percussion instruments, vocal calls and more
  • Recorded in painstaking detail with vintage mics and premium preamps
  • Includes 156 Grooves

Evoking the emotions and grandeur of the Kabuki stage, the mysteriously profound aesthetic world of Noh theater, and the reverberations of tapped hand drums, Kabuki & Noh Percussion features 56 percussion instruments used in Kabuki and Noh performances. The collection includes a variety of traditional hand drums, pitched drums, bells, gongs and music boxes alongside Noh flute and authentic vocal motifs. Also included are the ashibyoshi foot beats and tsukeuchi sound-effect clappers crucial to Kabuki performance.

Played by master traditional Japanese percussionist Takinojo Mochizuki with alternating left/right hits at up to 99 velocity layers, Kabuki & Noh Percussion is recorded in stunning detail by well-preserved vintage mics and Neve preamps. Recordings took place in an anechoic room similar to the bamboo-curtained orchestra room in a Kabuki theater. Reverb can be added as needed - the recordings preserve the true character of the instruments' sound. Kabuki & Noh Percussion comes complete with 160 grooves that give you instant access to real nagauta and Noh performance rhythm patterns.The full list of kit-pieces included in the pack:

The full list of kit-pieces included in the pack:

Taiko drums
Odaiko - nagabachi
Odaiko - yukibai
Shimedaiko 1 - futobachi
Shimedaiko 2 - hosobachi
Otsuzumi 1
Otsuzumi 2
Kotsuzumi 1
Kotsuzumi 2
Daibyoushi 1 - bamboo stick
Daibyoushi 2 - hosobachi
Uchiwadaiko 1
Uchiwadaiko 2
Uchiwadaiko 3
Uchiwadaiko 4

Stage sound effects
Tsukeuchi 1 - hall
Tsukeuchi 2 - studio

Kakegoe and flute sounds
Kakegoe A - 108 calls
Kakegoe B - 40 calls
Nohkan - 61 phrases

Bells, gongs, and cymbals
Matsumushi - low
Matsumushi - high
Atarigane - held
Atarigane - hanging

Metallic percussion instruments
Hontsurigane 1A
Hontsurigane 1B
Hontsurigane 2A
Hontsurigane 2A
Dora 1
Dora 2
Kin 1
Kin 2
Kin 3

Other percussion effects
Hyoushigi - hall
Hyoushigi - studio
Mokugyo 1
Mokugyo 2
Mokugyo 3
Mokushou 1
Mokushou 2
Mokushou 3
Binzasara 1
Binzasara 2 - kokiriko


  • Requires BFD3 or 2 
  • Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent AMD, Windows 7 or higher (for Windows platform) 
  •  Intel CPU, Mac OSX 10.6.8 or higher (for MacOSX platform) 
  •  1 GB of RAM 
  • Internet connection (for download and authorization) 
  • 15 GB of free hard disk space (separate drive recommended) for highest detail level

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