iZotope RX™ 8 Elements Audio Repair Toolkit Elicense

iZotope RX™ 8 Elements Audio Repair Toolkit Elicense

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  • Manufactured by: iZotope

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RX 8 Elements Audio Editor

iZotope RX 8 Elements

RX 8 is a complete toolkit for audio cleanup and restoration needs. Instantly polish guitar recordings, rebalance your mix and create stems, remove distracting hum with the redesigned De-hum, and surgically fix dialogue and music performances using the editor or plug-ins.

RX 8 Elements features

  • Repair Assistant
  • De-hum [IMPROVED]
  • De-click
  • De-clip
  • Voice De-noise
  • Spectrogram View
  • View/edit up to 32 files [NEW]
  • Horizontal scrolling [NEW]

RX 8 De-hum overhaul

Is that an AC unit you hear switching on in the back of your recording? Or maybe you’re frustrated that your drummer lives in an apartment where no matter what room they’re in, you can always hear their fridge humming along? Never fear! De-hum in RX 8 Elements is here.

The De-hum module in RX 8 Elements uses an improved detection and reduction algorithm to automatically identify the base frequency of your unwanted hum and precisely remove it and its harmonics, ensuring a clean overall sound.

New 32-tab limit for Audio Tabs  

Time is precious when editing audio in post. To help you tackle more work faster, RX 8 doubles the previous 16-tab limit, now allowing you to view and edit up to 32 files within RX Audio Editor. Cover more ground in less time with greater efficiency and in-app real estate.

Horizontal Scrolling 

You asked, and we listened: horizontal scrolling is now built into the intuitive Spectrogram Display. Use the scroll gesture on your trackpad or mouse with your cursor to scroll through your audio across the X-axis or lightning-fast edits.

Compare RX 8 Features

  Elements Standard Advanced
De-hum* Improved x x x
Horizontal Scrolling New x x x
Batch Processor Improved   x x
Guitar De-noise New   x x
Music Rebalance** Improved   x x
Loudness Control Improved   x x
Composite View Improved   x x
Dialogue Isolate** Improved     x
Spectral Recovery New     x
Wow & Flutter New     x
De-click* x x x
De-clip* x x x
Repair Assistant x x x
Voice De-noise* x x x
Breath Control*   x x
De-bleed   x x
De-crackle*   x x
De-reverb*   x x
De-plosive*   x x
De-ess*   x x
Interpolate   x x
Mouth De-click*   x x
Spectral De-noise*   x x
Spectral Repair   x x
RX Connect   x x
RX Monitor   x x
Dialogue Contour     x
Dialogue De-reverb     x
De-rustle**     x
Ambience Match**     x
Center Extract
De-wind     x
Deconstruct     x
Third-party plug-in hosting x x x
x x x
Find similar x x x
x x x
Mixing x x x
Module Chain x x x
Module list filters x x x
x x x
Phase x x x
Signal Generator x x x
Spectrogram x x x
Recording and monitoring
x x x
Variable Time   x x
Variable Pitch   x x
  x x
EQ   x x
Resample   x x
Instant Process   x x
Azimuth     x
EQ Match     x
Leveler     x
Surround support

* = Available as a plug-in

** = Available as a Pro Tools AudioSuite


System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.13.6 (High Sierra) - macOS 10.15 (Catalina)

PC: Win 8 & Win 10

Plugin Formats

AU, AAX, VST2, VST3. All plug-in formats are 64-bit only

Supported Hosts

Pro Tools 12 – 2020, Logic Pro X, Live 9.7 - 10, Cubase 9.5 – 10.5, Nuendo 11, FL Studio 20, Studio One 4 - 5, REAPER 6, Audition CC, Premiere Pro CC.


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