eMedia Guitar Medthod for Mac

eMedia Guitar Medthod for Mac

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This is a Closeout from our warehouse. It's an Early version of eMedia Guitar Method for Mac (68020 or better including Power PC) System 7 or greater, CDrom, 4 MB of Ram). If you have an older Mac, want to learn guitar then get this!!

This program is comprehensive, clear, well organized, and visually compelling. It starts with an introduction to the guitar; then, in 60 lessons, it takes you through all the important aspects of the instrument. The table of contents tells what's covered in each section, so you can skip around to get to the techniques you want to work on.

The included material benefits from excellent attention to detail: Clear video, a nicely animated fret board, and well-presented musical examples help you make the connection between guitar fingering and traditional notation. The text that supports the lessons is well written and offers plenty of depth. The whole package speaks with authority, which will inspire confidence in the nascent musician.

With 100 songs on-board, you get a decent selection of familiar material to work with.

Includes Tuners, Recorder, Metronome, CHord Dictionary and More!


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