IK Multimedia AmpliTube Leslie - Rotary Speaker Plug In eLicense

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  • Manufactured by: IK Multimedia

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IK Multimedia AmpliTube Leslie - Rotary Speaker Plug In eLicense

As real as it gets. The best sounding Leslie models in digital form, period.

AmpliTube Leslie® is the result of the exclusive collaboration between the IK Multimedia team and Hammond USA and Suzuki Music Corp. of Japan with the aim of perfectly recreating, for the first time ever, the truly authentic sound of the legendary Leslie® amps and cabinets in the digital world.

Thanks to the powerful combination of IK’s breakthrough Dynamic Interaction Modeling™ and Volumetric Response Modeling™ technologies, which can reproduce the subtlest interactions of an electronic circuit down to its tiniest component and recreate the real acoustic behavior of rotary-speaker cabinets, the IK and Hammond teams succeeded where all the others
had to inevitably compromise.

Feel free to use this module on keyboards, organs, guitars, vocals, and more. It's compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems and works within Audio Units, VST, and AAX formats.


  • Emulation of the legendary Leslie amps and cabinets approved and certified by Hammond USA and Suzuki Music Corp. of Japan
  • Ideal for keyboard players, record producers, guitarists, and even vocalists
  • Perfect for any kind of production ranging from Jazz to Rock and Contemporary Pop
  • 5 amps—Leslie 147, 122, 122A, 3300w, and Leslie G-37/Studio 12
  • 6 rotary-speaker cabinets—Leslie 147, 122, 122A, 3300w, G-37, and Studio 12
  • Cabinets sound was captured using four microphones
  • Original circuit and component-level modeling of the amps via IK’s proprietary Dynamic Interaction Modeling technology
  • Rotary-speaker cabinets modeled using the company's proprietary Volumetric Response Modeling technology
  • Slow/Fast Speed and Acceleration/Deceleration functions let you choose the rotation speed of the horn and the drum and how quickly the speaker changes speed
  • 90° and 180° mic placement with variable distance setup for true studio sound and sophisticated tone shaping
  • Variety of amp/cab combinations 
  • Painstakingly recreates the saturation and harmonic distortion of overdriven tubes and circuitry
  • All cabinets work in stereo for both horns and drum
  • Full parametric EQ for overall sound shaping
  • Intuitive controls for easily customizable sound
  • Mixer section for versatile microphone signal blending and tonal control
  • Animated interface
  • Can be used alongside the collection of models and processors from the AmpliTube family for a wide variety of sonic options

Leslie 122 Model

  • The classic of classics—model of a vintage unit from the early 70s
  • When you think of the "Leslie sound," you are most likely thinking of a 122
  • Suitable for pop, rock, jazz, and blues
  • Slightly warmer sound when compared to the 122A

Leslie 122A Model

  • The Leslie 122A is the modern take on the most prominent Leslie model, with a balanced input to the amplifier and a medium-tall cabinet that provides a hefty bass response
  • Slightly more open and upfront tone compared to the classic 122

Leslie 147 Model

  • The Leslie 147 is another classic Leslie model with a different connector, slightly different power amp, an unbalanced input to the amplifier, and a slightly shorter cabinet compared to the 122
  • Model of a vintage unit from the mid 60s with no reflectors on the horns—produces an overall sound similar to the classic 122 but with some noticeable, and musically relevant, differences

Leslie 3300w Model

  • The Leslie 3300w is one of Leslie's most powerful models, featuring a 300W RMS solid-state amplifier with a vacuum tube preamp
  • Its sound signature is especially suitable for pop, rock, jazz, and blues

Leslie G37 / Studio 12 Model

  • Guitarists in all styles use the G37 for its tonal character
  • The onboard solid-state amplifier with its tube preamp section can go from pristine and clean to down and dirty for a variety of tonal nuances
  • Similar to the sound Leslie speakers can provide through a compact dual-rotor cabinet utilizing a vintage V30 12" speaker customized for electric guitar


Supported Plug-In Formats AAX, AU, VST2, VST3
Standalone Operation Yes
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
macOS 10.9 or Later
Memory Requirement Windows, Mac:
4 GB (8 GB Recommended)
CPU Requirement Mac:
Intel Core 2 Duo and Faster  
Intel Core 2 Duo and Faster  
AMD Athlon 64 X2 and Faster  

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