Cool Shoes drummer 2.0 for DOS

Cool Shoes drummer 2.0 for DOS

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  • Manufactured by: EMB

This is a sealed New  Cool Shoes drummer 2.0 for PC computers running DOS. We found this in our warehouse and want to find it a good home like yours!!

drummer is a powerful pattern-based sequencer It has professional features that please the most demaning musician like real-time recording, external MIDI control, Auto fill, Swing and MIDI file support.

Ease to use

  • A click of the mouse lets you quickly hear instrument sounds, draw and erase notes, rescale loudness, adjust the tempo and more.
  • Create and edit your music while it's playing
  • Chain peters together into a song on the Score Page
  • Works with any MIDI drum machine or syntesizer


  • 50 patterns with individual Key Transpose, Loudness Offset and Tempo Scale
  • Fully configurable MIDI Channel, Key, Velocty and Output Port setting
  • Real Time recording from any MIDI instrument
  • MIDI File save/load
  • Control drummer from other MIDI devices
  • Mute/Sole each instrument
  • Pattern Swing
  • Auto Fill for human fell
  • Works with all popular sequencers and notation programs
  • Built in Pattern Librarian
  • Syncs to MIDI clock
  • Sends and receives MIDI Start/Stop commands
  • 24-480 pulses per quarter note resolution
  • Full support for multiple MIDI in/out/thru ports
  • Tons of editing options
  • More!

System requirements

  • IBM PC with 640k of RAM
  • MIDI or Sound Interface
  • Mouse
  • MIDI Drum machines or synthesizer


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