Secrets of the Pros Pro Series: Pro Tools: Volume II

Secrets of the Pros Pro Series: Pro Tools: Volume II


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Secrets of the Pros Pro Series: Pro Tools: Volume II

Pro Tools: Volume II

Beginner to pro level – 2.5 hours of videos

In this title they’ll show you great tools for cleaning up tracks fast so your mixes sound big and punchy.Plus there are other “must see” techniques your host learned from years of being out in the field with a long list of producers and engineers.

They’ll also take you through more features of the mixer and other powerful functions in Pro Tools you’ll need to help you work fast and fluidly.

Deeper into the Power of Editing

Your host is a Pro Tools expert and from almost two decades of using the app, and from working with a long list of other power users, he has built up a list of powerful editing tricks that can help you get the most out of your music.

Watch these editing techniques closely and follow along.  You’ll quickly see how to make your music sound pro and it’s fun when you can quickly take your songs to the next level.

More Mixer Tips & Tricks

The Pro Tools mixer is incredibly deep and flexible and in this volume we’ll show you more ways to get the most from it.

You can actually use tracks from any of your other songs as templates for new songs, and can import any part of any track into the current song you’re working on. Every EQ, Compressor, Delay, Reverb, and effect is now a template for your new creations. It’s an incredibly powerful feature they’ll show you along with several others.

Videos Included with this level:

  1. Pro Level Editing to Make your Music Tight
  2. More Mixer feature to help you create
  3. A Clear Explanation of Latency
  4. File Management to Keep Your Music Safe
  5. A Bunch of Tips to Help You Create Fast!

(compatible with all versions of Pro Tools)


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