Magix GuitarWorkshop Windows Guitar Teaching Software

Magix GuitarWorkshop Windows Guitar Teaching Software

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  • Manufactured by: Magix

This is a Closeout from our Warehouse. It is new and in the sealed box. If you have an older computer, you now have a use for it!!

With MAGIX guitar workshop, everybody can easily learn to play acoustic, electric or classical guitar. All important chords and rhythms are explained step by step in a series of interactive videos and you can quickly achieve your goals with useful practical exercises.

In the Jam room you can use the chords you've learnt to compose and record your own songs plus you can also arrange backing tracks to play along to. More advanced bar chords and distorted electric guitar power chords are clearly explained and using the new Songplayer system you can display and learn the chords and rhythms of your favourite songs.

System Requirements

PC 133Mhz CPU
30 Megs Disk Space
16 Megs Ram
VGA Graphic Card
16 Bit Sound Card
CD Rom Player
MS Compatible Mouse
Windows 95.98,NT

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