MOTU M2 USB-C 2x2 Mac PC Audio Interface

MOTU M2 USB-C 2x2 Mac PC Audio Interface


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  • Manufactured by: MOTU


MOTU M2 USB-C 2x2 Mac  PC Audio Interface

The MOTU M2, a USB-C device designed for recording, mixing, podcasting, and more. Offering loopback connections that allow podcasters to record skype calls with absoutely no fuss, the M2 can feed audio to both computers and iOS devices, thanks to its USB-C connection.

Equipped with the same ESS Sabre32 Ultra™ DAC Technology found in audio interfaces costing thousands, the M2 delivers an astonishing 120 dB Dynamic Range on its main outputs. ESS converters also drive the headphone output, which rivals dedicated headphone amplifiers costing hundreds. Ultra-clean preamp circuits produce a measured -129 dBu EIN on the mic inputs. Capture and monitor your audio with pristine clarity.

With two XLR-1/4" inputs, the M2 can handle microphones, line-level instruments, or Hi-Z instruments such as guitars and basses. Selectable phantom power is on hand for your condenser mics, and the preamps are exceedingly clean, with an EIN of -129 dB; this ensures you only hear the instrument or voice being captured, rather than any noise from the preamp.

The M2 also has digital loopback channels, so you can route audio from your computer directly into your recording software. What does this mean? If you're recording podcasts, you can record guests from Skype or any other VoIP software without incurring horrible feedback or other audio issues; it all works seamlessly.

The M2 is equally suitable for producers, thanks to its MIDI I/O. You can use your favorite MIDI controller with the M2 and free up a USB port on your computer in the process. Or, you can run MIDI from the M2 to your favorite hardware synth, capturing the glorious tones of your favorite, compatible hardware synth through the M2's analog pres.

 The M2 puts everything from podcasting to music production within your grasp.

Mirrored Monitoring

The M2 has balanced 1/4" outputs for professional-level monitoring, and also features mirrored RCA outputs for feeding receivers and other unbalanced gear. With a 1/4" headphone output, you can monitor your work privately.


The M2 provides ultralow latency for monitoring live inputs through your computer, thanks to MOTU's expertly engineered USB drivers. These deliver 2.5 ms of round-trip latency, measured with a 32 sample buffer at 96 kHz. This means you won't hear a pesky delay while tracking instruments or vocals.

Loopback Channels for Podcast Recording and Live Streaming

The M2's included driver provides convenient loopback channels to your host computer, so you can easily capture your computer's output. Combine computer audio with live mics while recording in your DAW, allowing you to capture guests over Skype or other VoIP programs. You can also use the loopback function while streaming live to sites like Twitch.

Professional-Level Audio Quality

Equipped with the same ESS Sabre32 Ultra DAC technology found in audio interfaces the pros use, the M2 delivers 120 dB of dynamic range on its main outputs. ESS converters also drive the headphone output. Ultraclean preamp circuits produce a measured -129 dBu EIN on the mic inputs; this means while recording, you'll only hear the mic, not the mic pre.

Software Included

The M2 includes Ableton Live Lite and MOTU Performer Lite, which are DAWs geared for music recording and production. Also included are over 100 instruments for Performer Lite, as well as 6 GB of loops, sounds, and one-shot samples for either DAW.

Standalone Operation

The M2 can be used as a standalone preamp and basic mixer, with no host computer required. Simply engage the monitor button for each input (and 48V phantom power, if needed) and adjust the preamp gain as needed. Connect the main outs to any line-level destination, such as a PA or patch bay. The unit is bus-powered over USB, but with a USB Type-C power adapter. 


  • 2 input / 2 output USB Type-C audio interface with professional-level sound
  • ESS Sabre32 Ultra DAC Technology
  • Ultralow latency for host software processing
  • Easy-to-read metering for all inputs/outputs, with a full-color LCD
  • 2 XLR-1/4" mic/line/Hi-Z guitar inputs 
  • Individual preamp gain and 48V phantom power for each input
  • Hardware direct monitoring for each input (mono or stereo)
  • -129 dB EIN on mic inputs
  • 2 balanced, DC-coupled 1/4" TRS outputs
  • 120 dB dynamic range on outputs
  • 2 RCA unbalanced analog outs, mirrored
  • 1 headphone output, driven by ESS converters, with independent volume control
  • MIDI I/O over 5-pin DIN jacks
  • 24-bit support for sample rates between 44.1 to 192 kHz 
  • USB audio class compliant for plug-and-play operation on Mac (no driver required)
  • Windows driver with 2.5 ms round-trip latency (32 sample buffer at 96 kHz)
  • Optional Mac driver for 2.5 ms round-trip latency (32 sample buffer at 96 kHz), as well as loopback features 
  • iOS compatible (USB audio class compliant) 
  • Driver loopback for capturing host output, live streaming, and podcasting
  • Bus powered USB Type-C with power switch (USB cable included, compatible with USB Type-A)
  • Rugged metal construction
  • MOTU Performer Lite and Ableton Live Lite software included 
  • Over 100 instruments in Performer Lite
  • Over 6 GB of included free loops, samples, and one-shots 
  • Kensington security slot
  • Made in the USA

MOTU M2 Specs

Channels of I/O Analog:
2 Inputs / 2 Outputs
Max Sample Rate/Resolution 192 kHz / 24-Bit
Display and Indicators 2 x LCDs (Monitoring Mode)
Host Connection 1 x USB Type-C
Analog I/O 2 x Combo XLR-1/4" Balanced/Unbalanced Mic/Line/Hi-Z Input
2 x 1/4" TRS Balanced Monitor Output
1 x 1/4" TRS Unbalanced Headphone Output
2 x RCA Unbalanced Monitor Output
Phantom Power +48 V, Selectable On/Off (Selectable on Individual Inputs)
MIDI I/O 1 x 5-Pin MIDI In
1 x 5-Pin MIDI Out
Dynamic Range Balanced Outputs:
120 dB
EIN Mic Inputs:
-129 dB
Digital Audio
Sample Rates Up to 192 kHz
Bit Depth 24-Bit
Latency Zero-Latency Direct Monitoring2.5 ms at kHz (Dependent on Buffer Size)
OS Compatibility iOS
Power Requirements USB Bus-Power
Anti-Theft Features Kensington Security Slot
Packaging Info
Package Weight 1.8 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 9.9 x 7.4 x 2.8"

UPC: 839128006119

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