Music Software


Antares - Macintosh/Windows real-time sound effects processing software for audio and music sound design.

Arboretum - Macintosh/Windows real-time sound effects processing software for audio and music sound design.

ArsNova - Publishes music software for the Macintosh. Titles include Practica Musica, SongworksII and A Little Kidmusic.

Auricle Control Systems - Time syncronesizer for the film-music and entertainment industries.

A-Ware Software, Inc. - Music scheduling.

Bias- Mac professional digital audio, recording, processing, and editing software.

Cakewalk   - Mac & Windows MIDI, Audio Software.

Coda  - Mac & Windows Notation and Accompanist Software

Cool Breeze System  - Interactive Pro Tools, Logic, DP, etc training.

Creamware - Windows Digital Audio Software, Hardware.

DiAcoustics    - Makers of MIDI to Wave Program, (out of business)

Digidesign - Mac and Windows Digital Audio Software, Hardware.

Digital Audio Labs - Windows Digital Audio Software, Hardware.

dissidents - Sample Wrench audio editing/processing software.

Dolby   - Pro Tools Plug In Software & Audio Hardware.

Eccentric Software - Makers of A Zillion Kajillion Rhymes.

Electronic Courseware Systems, Inc. - A wide variety of educational software programs.

Emagic  - Mac & Windows MIDI, Audio Software.

Evolution Electronics - MIDI Hardware, Software for the PC.

Gallery    Mac MIDI/Audio Software.

Gracenote Music Business Software - Musician's Manage and Musician's Manage for Windows, software designed to make life easier for the working musician. Does mailing lists, inventory reports, contracts, lyrics, set lists, income and expense reports and more...

Graphire Corporation- Creators of Graphire Music Press, professional music typesetting software. Includes information about music notation and links to copyists and publishers.(out of business)

G-VOX - Passport Designs new owners.

Harmonic Vision - Mac & Windows music education software

Imaja - Publishes a of graphics, animation, music, and educational software, including Bliss Paint, Bliss Saver, Listen, Chronos, ProtoFont, and others..

Innovative Quality Software - Makers of SAW (Software Audio Workshop).

Interval Music Systems - Makers of TransferStation, reads Roland & Akia libraries into the Mac. (discontinuied software)

Invision Interactive  - Mac MIDI Software.(apparently out of business)

Jump! Music - Makers of Piano Discovery for Mac & Windows. (out of business)

Koblo- Makers of software synthesizers, drum samplers and samplers (out of business).

Lyrrus, Inc - markets G-VOX, interactivehardware and software that links any guitar to a Mac or PC.

Magicbaton - Conduct your own MIDI orchestra.(apparently out of business)

MAGIX - Makers of audio recording and MIDI sequencing software.

Mark of the Unicorn  - Mac & Windows MIDI, Audio Software.

MediaTech Innovations - Pattern based music and drum track composition software.

MiBAC  - Mac & Windows Ear Training Software.

Midisoft - Windows MIDI Software like Sheet Music, Play Piano.

Minnetonka Software - Makers of Fast Edit & other Audio Editors

Musicware  Mac & Windows MIDI Software. (apparently out of business)

Musitek  - Makers of MIDIScan software.

Native Instruments - Software synthesizers

New Horizons - Music education software.

Opcode  - Mac & Windows MIDI, Audio Software. (Gibson has shut down the site and Opcode)

PG Music  - Mac & Windows MIDI Software like Band in a Box.

Play Music, Inc. - Multimedia title developer publishes fun, playing-oriented, music instruction CD-ROMs.(apparently out of business)

PlayPro - Interactve Guitar teaching CDRom doesn't use MIDI. (apparently out of business)

Power Technology - DSP FX - Hardware & software EFX software.

Propellerhead Software -Software synthesizers

Prosoniq - Effects and audio processing software.

QSound Labs - 3D audio technology and Efxs.

ReedKotler -Makers of Transkriber CD looping transcribing software

RePlay Technologies - CD looping software.

Rising Software - Auralia, an ear training & Musicaton , a Music Theory. program for Windows

Sek'D  - Mac & Windows Audio Hardware and Windows software.

Sibelius - Mac & Windows Scorewriter software.

Sion - Windows Notation software like Quick Score.

Six String Software - educational software for acoustic or electric guitarists of any skill level or music style. For DOS/Windows.   

Sonic Foundry  - Windows Audio Software.

Sonic Timeworks - DirectX plug-ins.

Sound Factory   - Windows Wave software.

Sound Quest Inc. - Mac, Windows, Atari and Amiga Synth Editors.

SoundTrek  - Makers of JAMMER - a 256 track MIDI sequencer and song writing tool featuring built in Studio Musicians.

Steinberg - Mac & Windows MIDI, Audio Software.

Syntrillium Software Corportation - makers of Cool Edit Pro a sound editor that reads and writes many different formats. It has a lot of built-in effects. Runs on Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.

Take Note Software - Ear training software.

T.C. Electronics  - Mac & PC Audio EFX software. 

Turtle Beach - Windows audio hardware and MIDI/audio software.

U & I Software - MetaSynth and Xx.

Virtual Virtuoso - Practice Assistant music software: your PC plays along as you practice scales, etudes and performance pieces on violin, viola or cello.

Voyetra - Makers of Digital Orchestra Sereis and other Windows Music software.

Waves - Mac & PC Audio EFX software.

Wildcat/Autoscore - Mac & PC Audio to MIDI software.