Stu Phillips Anthology

The Music from

Battlestar Galactica

TV Series


     This 4 CD set contains all the music from the Classic SIC-FI series. Stu Phillips is also well known for his producing and arranging of Blue Moon, Goodbye Cruel World and Johnny Angel, all #1 Gold records as well as the arranger/producer/conductor for the "The Hollyridge Strings" series of albums.

     Not to be outdone there, he also wrote the music or theme for The Six Million Dollar Man, Quincy, The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mysteries, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, The Fall Guy, Knight Rider, Manimal and others.








noelpicNoel Webb

Noel plays wild techno dance music around the world, called Noel Webb Techno. Together with Michael McGregor , their music is played in dance clubs, and soon to have live performances.

Noel also travels the world touring as a jazz violinist: a soulful urban expression, creating one the most cutting edge, urban contemporary jazz sounds; a combination of sexy jazz violin over smooth urban and hip hop grooves.

Noel was the voice of dozens of A&E Biographies and commercials, co-stared on movies of the week and television shows like "Mad About You", was a principle actor on "General Hospital", and played the lead in dozens of plays and movies.

Noel (together with Rich Webb) owns Spider Cues Music Library , servicing the film and television industry.

The following CDs of Noel Webb can be purchased on iTunes, another internet site of your choice, or at your local music retail store:

"Satin Sheets"

(a sexy smooth jazz violin over hip hop grooves)

"the soul of"

(romantic, smooth, urban music)

NoelfrtStormdance songsNoelbk

(adventurous violin over new age music)


For More Noel Webb visit his site!