Here's an excerpt from Jerry Summers's Bio from John Klemmer's web site. For more info check out the Offical John Klemmer site.

"John Klemmer. The Romanticist, Consummate Artist, Renaissance Man and Innovator. A composer of Emotional Song. He always has a message and is a truly unique, individual and original saxophone player and composer as expressive as the greatest of singers, expressing feelings that cannot be said in words. " I approach playing the horn as if I were a singer," says John. " I want all the nuances and phrasing etc. that the greatest of singers use."

Through the course of a courageous career John has been intimate with every nuance and style of music, powerful and lasting, massaging psyches and emotions with the mystical, flowing vibrations that flow in its purity, from his heart through the echoes of his mind into the galaxies of this and other worlds. Within the serenity that manifested the sound, listeners bore witness to the hum of the universe and the motion of the ocean. His songs became the sound track for soul mates to collide with the beat of a human heart at the alpha. Catharsis, surrender and sensuality. All this and more coming from this Contemporary and Legendary Artist with a long recording & performing career and all. Seemingly, culminating in a Recording called, "TOUCH", and the many recordings that followed this profound phase in his Music and Career."

Jerry Sumner 2001

Here's some of John Klemmer's Albums:

  • Involvement 1967
  • And We Were Lovers 1968
  • Blowin' Gold 1969
  • All the Children Cried 1969
  • Eruptions 1970
  • Waterfalls 1972
  • Constant Throb 1972
  • Intensity 1973
  • Magic & Movement 1974
  • Fresh Feathers 1974
  • Touch 1975
  • Barefoot Ballet 1976
  • Lifestyle 1977
  • Arabesque 1978
  • Cry ( Solo Sax I] 1978
  • Brazilia 1979
  • Nexus 1979
  • Straight From the Heart 1979
  • Magnificent Madness 1980
  • Hush 1981
  • Finesse 1981
  • John Klemmer Life ( Solo Sax II ) 1981
  • Music 1988
  • Making Love (Vol. I) 1999
  • Priceless Jazz 2001

Currently John is busy making plans for new albums and tours, check his site for more details!