Diva Destruction is enjoying an explosion of success throughout the U.S. and Europe after several albums and worldwide tours. Trained as a classical pianist, Debra Fogarty (singer/songwriter/programmer) mixes heavy electronics and dance beats with powerful female vocals. Many of the songs have become big dance club hits which are also being played heavily on college radio.

Painful and beautiful, Debra's dramatic keyboard melodies create an epic soundscape, while her urgent Beethoven styled strings pierce through heavy industrial dance rhythms. The resulting wall of sound merges the best of industrial dance beats, gothic melodies, and synthpop elements. With her passionate female vocals venting lyrics as bitter as a betrayed lover, the strong emotions of her songs range from fast and angry dance songs to seductively dark ballads.

Diva Destruction recently released the follow-up to their debut album, Passion's Price entitled Exposing the Sickness, which was mixed by the famous producer Scott Humphrey (Rob Zombie/Crystal Method). This second album contains even more hard-driving dance songs that will continue to fill dance floors. Debra maintains her strong songwriting style, while developing even more aggressive vocals and more layers of sinister electronics. A special dance remix by Julian Beeston (Nitzer Ebb) is an added bonus track on this new album.

Winner of "Best LA Goth Band" two years in a row (Rock City News), Diva Destruction was also voted as "Newcomers of the Year" (Orkus magazine, Germany) and chosen by Robert Smith of The Cure for his top ten on mp3.com list. Featured on many top selling compilations, such as Unquiet Grave I and II, Diva Destruction also recorded songs for popular tribute albums to Radiohead and Cocteau Twins.

Signed to Metropolis Records (U.S./Canada/Mexico) and to Alice In (Europe/remaining countries), Diva Destruction has been receiving incredible reviews for both the music and theatrical live stage shows. Reviewers have stated that all of the songs on the debut are a "Masterpiece" (Zillo magazine, Germany), and Debra has also been featured on the cover of many top magazines throughout the world. Diva Destruction has headlined many large festivals throughout the U.S. and Europe, and upcoming tours are currently being planned.


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