Los Angeles born Celeste Howard began playing the piano at four and studying classical music until her teens when composers like Bill Evans , Oregon and The Pat Metheny Group started to influence her musical styles. In 1984 she received her deree in performance from El Camino College.

Besides releasing three albums to date, she's also toured Australia which included performances at Goverment House and The Bass Note in Brisbane. She has taught herself how to play a Psaltery, a stringed instrument from medieval times.This lead her to second album "The Gateway" as well as to Australia where she has composed the music for a musical called "Duran Boy-The Kangaroo Rat" by Gary Balkin. This musical reflects the Celtic and Aboriginal cultures and is a historical piece based on real events.

She is currently living in New York where she is performing as Celeste Ray. Her latest Album is called Celtic Blessings. For more info and to hear her latest work check her site: www.celesteray.com

Place With A View

place with a view "Place With A View is a light jazz album that glows a  with a warmth that glisten and resonates like dancing cheek to cheek in front of a warm fire"

Napra Trade Journal
Place with a View Sunrise in Rainforest
Twilght's Dream Cross Country
The Troubador One Rainy Day
Sweet Chardonnay The Blue Haven

Celeste Howard - Piano, Vocals The CD is $9.95
Steve Kujala - Flute Cassette is $7.95
Alex Acuna - Drums. Percussion Use CHCD1 for CD
Dave Stambaugh - Alto & Soprano to order from us
Brain Monroney - El Guitar Use CHCS1 for
Rick Fierabracci - Bass Cassette to order from us
Michael Rogers - Steel Drums Shipping UPS is $3.00
Michael Fisher - Percussion for U.S. ground

The Gateway

 the gateway creates an eclectic combination of rich Celtic tones and textures from traditional instruments such as flute, recorder, oboe and cello with the sound of world instruments such as Bohdran, dumbek, sitar guitar and pennywhitsles. Celeste's dynamic compositions feature her lyric and vocal stylings along with impressive piano and psaltery performances. It is an decidedly international musical adventure of ancient myths and legends as well as creating her own new ones.
Wings Over Prague Ashley
Gymnopedie No 1 Enchanted Forest Lake
To a Skylark The Gateway
Hidden Hills The Magician
Languages The River is Flowing

Listen to a bit of Wings Over Prague

Celeste Howard-Piano, Vocals, Synth, Psaltery The CD is $9.95
Paul McCandless-Oboe, Soprano Sax, Pennywhistle Cassette is $7.95
Bob Afifi-Flute, Piccolo * Joanna Young-Recorders Use CHCD2 for CD
Steve Coughlin-Bansuri Flute * Ron Borelli-Accordian to order from us
Robert Michael-El Guitar * Teja Bell-Sitat Gtr, frtls Bass Use CHCS2 for
Doug Harmon-Cello * Carey Dubbert-Hammerd Dulcimer Cassette to order
Mike Lufkin-Bass * Kendrick Freeman-Drums & Percus Shipping UPS -$3.00
Don Baker & Ian Dogol-Perc * Venice Blue-Fngr Cymbals for U.S. ground

Ferris Gluck

She is a composer and pianist who lives in the Los Angeles area. Some of her many credits include "Black Scorpion" (Concorde Pictures), "My Brother's War" directed by James Brolin, "In the Heat of Passion II" (New Horizons Pictures) and. Body Talk (Cable TV talk show) .For more information about this New England Conservatory of Music Grad vist her web site girltunes.biz.

You've seen them on the Evening News, The Today Show and in ponds everywhere! Guy Maeda and Robert Irving are the folks behind the croaks. Their album, The Frogs of Summer, has such famous cuts as YMCA (The Village Fogs), Surfing USA (The Beach Phibs), Don't be Cruel (Elvis Frogsley), Take Me Out to the Ball Game ( Frog Spring-teen & 225 Hoppers) and more! By the way they really are into frogs, having several pets and lots of frog (green) stuff!

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Don't Forget Christmas is Coming! Make this year's the best yet with A Froggy Christmas. It's a selection of Christmas favorites performed in various musical styles from traditional to Hip-Hop using digitally recorded real live, honest-to-goodness, frog and wildlife sounds. It'll bring tears to your eyes to hear their renditions of Corak the Herald Froggies Sing, Silent Night, Croakin' Bells and all the great classics. Listen to a bit of Croakin' Bells

By the way Leapin Records support the conservation of the world through the promotion of these recordings. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these CDs are being directed to various non-profit nature conservation groups.

Kubilay Uner

An interesting collection of nine song written, recorded, mixed and produced by Kubilay. Mastered by Jeff Sudakin at Mesmer AV in Culver City,Ca.

Totentanz, Religion, Mirage, Bulowstrasse,At the Watering Hole, Dancing with Her by Himself, These Days, Marie Antoinette and Homage are the titles on this CD.

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lil emlofrt

Check out the Latest from Lil' Elmo & the Cosmos. It's a great collection of Rock & Roll Favorites and some new oldies by Lil' Elmo.
Seven Nights of Rock My Babe
Hippy Hippy Shake Money (That's What I Want)
Walk Right In When A Man Loves a Woman
Mother In Law Dance to the Music
Shake A Tailfeather Midnight Confessions
Treat Her Right Sugned Sealed Delivered
Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' Shakin' All Over
California Man
Steve Feller - Vocals, Keyboards   Fan Club P O Box 17145
Doug Hodges - Bass Guitar Encino, Ca 91416
Michael Kleid - Saxophone (818)894-8435
Spike Morelli - Vocals
Larry Spatz - Vocals, Guitar
Jack Turchin - Drums

Since Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancer inception in 1979, this non-profit organization has presented multiple educational programs and created many new works through its two professional dance companies; Louise Reichlin & Dancers (modern) and Zapped Taps/Afred Desio (electronic and ascoutic tap).

For their current calender, more information and to contribute to furthering their work:

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