Jeffery Fisher

While composer Jeffrey A. Fisher's upbringing in the greater Palm Springs area was modest, it was clear to everyone around him that his life would be anything but ordinary. Even as a toddler, his desire and ability to focus on practicing art and music foretold the beginnings of the modern-day Renaissance man he is today.

In the mid-1990s, Fisher founded his recording label -- Healing Music of the Southwest -- and recorded six albums of neo-classical music for healing and massage background. A particularly notable album -- "Triumph of the Spirit" -- was composed as a collaboration with the painter Charles Collins, to accompany his visionary paintings. Promotion for that album, released in 1996, led Fisher back to his love of traveling and playing music at shows and festivals across the U.S.

Currently, Fisher is focused on composing specifically for ballet, the Hans Christian Andersen-inspired pieces being his first full-length ballets to be performed. Active promotion of the accompanying CD is underway, as well as promotional appearances in 2007.

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