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The Electronic Music Box is Southern California's only Computer Music Speciality Store. In fact, it is one of a few such stores in the USA. Started in 1988 as a concession in Goodman Music, it has become THE MIDI/DIGITAL AUDIO STORE of expertise in the L. A. area. Selling Mac & PC compatible computers, Keyboards, Mixers, Efx processors, Speakers, Amps, Accessories and of course Software. This is only part of what The Electronic Music Box does.

We offer services like MIDI Classes on Software, Educational Videos, DAT TO CD Masters, DAT Mastering, Disk transfers, Consultanting, Recording, Music Prduction Services, Composing, Custom Music Libraries, Brokering Used Gear and this web site with it's Client's Page where our clients can sell, advertise and promote themselves on the World Wide Web.

Questions?   Comments?   Send Email to Peter Brunner:   pbemb@midiguy.com

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