Winter NAMM 2008 News


I looked for Apple at NAMM but they didn't have a floor booth. I guess they are selling too many iPods? However, just about every booth at NAMM with a computer had a Mac. Evern some PC based companies had a Mac to run multimedia product displays. Logic was also well represented at most software booths. Apogee, Native Instruments, Spectrasonics, Waves, etc all had Logic 8 running. For the latest Mac info visit their site.

Carillon Computers

They weren't at the NAMM show this year. Apparently they are no longer distributed in the US. However they are stil in business in the UK. To see the latest check their site.


Winter NAMM 2005 News

Apple computer now owns Emagic and so was there with a large booth. On top of that there were lots of iMac G5s, G5 towers and Powerbooks all over NAMM. Window users also saw lots of PCs being used. Infact Digidesign was using a Dell workstation for their Pro Tools Ion demo. For the latest Mac info visit their site.

Also there was Carillon showing their PC solutions for music. For more info visit their site.






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