Audio/MIDI Resources

Audio Engineering Society   Audio Related WWW FTP Sites  AudioWeb Home Page   

C|Net's - Lots of useful shareware software.

Computer Music Journal   Cross-Platform Page  DAW-Mac  

Finale Resources - Information about Coda Music Technology's notation program Finale.

Front Room- Sound Developers for Kurzweil Music Synthesizers.  

Jumbo Shareware   Mac MIDI User's Guide   Mac-MIDI-Music Users Group  

Mac Sound Processing Tools  Mac Sound Utilities 

MidiShare- Real-time multi-tasking Midi operating system specially devised for the development of musical applications.

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More "Sound Stuff" for Mac   MS Windows Soundfiles 

Music InstructionSoftware - Music instruction-related software available on the net. Links to web pages, text files, and sheet music of interest to music students and teachers.

  Music Loops  

Music on the Internet - extensive links to software, midi file, notation and other archives.

Music on the PC - Resource of music material for the IBM PC. Particularly for Soundblaster AWE32. There is a variety of shareware software, samples in WAV and AWE32 SBK file formats.

MuSIG Home - Founded in 1987 at Stanford University and based in Palo Alto, California, MuSIG is the Special Interest Group for Music - a network of people helping one another learn about computers and music: MIDI, hardware, software, education, performance, and programming.

 Sound Effects   MultiMedia File Fomats on the Web

Pro Audio Web  PC CD Utilities  PC Sound Drivers  Sound Utilities PC 

Real Audio - Audio on demand for the internet.


The MIDIweb - Award winnig user supported MIDI page, full of useful MIDI stuff.

Various Sound Programs   WWW Virtual Library: Audio